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] Rae of Darkness  

] For those of you who aren't White Wolf nerds, there are a bunch of references to the Vampire: The Masquerade Role Playing Game in this one. Explanations follow.
  1. "The Masquerade" is essentially what Vampires do to blend in with humanity, lest they be hunted and slain. A Masquerade violation is an act which draws attention to the fact that one may be a vampire, or otherwise hints that vampires exist. Such an act may be punishable by execution in order to protect the vampire society from vampires with no sense of subtlety.
  2. "Leech" is a common slang term for vampires, especially among the Garou (werewolves).
  3. "Hunter" in this case can refer either to mortals with stakes and flame-throwers or supernaturally gifted humans with their own special powers - both of which tend to seek the destruction of other supernatural critters.
  4. "Rotschreck" is a supernatural fear suffered by vampires when they encounter fire, sunlight, or other serious threats to their well-being. This usually results in a frenzied attempt to flee said threat. Raka is referring to commands a Storyteller (game master) would issue to a Vampire player in order to determine whether said player would fall under Rotschreck, and whether or not he would be able to dodge the coming attack. (In this case, it would be due to the implied threat of being staked through the heart.)
  5. "Celerity" is a measure of supernaturally fast movement, typically possessed by vampires. V:tM doesn't have "racial classes"; I stole that from Rifts. If it did though, and there were cheetahs in it, they would probably have some sort of celerity equivolence - especially if they were hunters.

] Rae is basically telling this guy that he's way too goth, and reserving the right of non-service. (Albeit in an ultra-violent and insulting manner.)

] As far as I know... this is the last strip for now, unless Jason shows up with inks this weekend. Meanwhile, I may be doing some touch-ups on older strips, perhaps re-running old classic favorites. Whatever I do, I'll probably yap about it in LiveJournal, or possibly our forums unless it's nothing (or Mercenaries 2).